Tuesday, July 03, 2007

What the bleeding heck?

do people still read this? that's a fool's lie! i can't believe this thing is still functional! gads! well if you're reading this you're in the currently uncool place for Rv. Xen stuff! ya must go to rvxen.deviantart.com for more recent activity! pff schya! this is almost as bad as if you were looking at my livejournal! yech!

i kid, i still loves you... but i don't live here anymore...

Monday, December 25, 2006

The Myth of Elvis: Part One, the paper may be done but my obsession is not.

So Blogger decided to give me back the power to upload images, which is the reason why I haven't posted in a month, also because i've been crazy with school finals and papers, one of which was for my class Elvis as Anthology, which has been one of the most influential classes i have taken thus far in my college career. No other class has taught me more useful information about American popular culture, our society, politics, and it even tickled my conspiracy bone often. It is a class taught by the amazing Peter Nazareth whose own lust to learn more about Elvis and everything in addition to spreading his own knowledge to everyone who can made this one of the most enjoyable classes ever. However, being the celestial schmuck i am, i failed in completing the only paper assigned to me, a 25 paged paper, on time and thus made me feel terrible that i could disrespect the class and the teacher which have given me so much. I plan on repeating the course if i am here next year, most likely i will, and will start work on a project at the beginning of the semester. But to allieviate some of the guilt that i feel within me, i'm going to do a few blog posts describing what i was trying to get accross in the paper and just to get this kind of craziness out. there's high hoodoo at work, ladies and gents, some already fills me with doubt and strain. odd.

Anyways, let's get to it. The above pictures are of Elvis Aron (Aaron to some) Presley from the 'Aloha from Hawaii' concert (1973) and a depiction of the Memphite god, Ptah. Yes, Memphis, the one in Egypt, the one that the American one is named after. According to Nazareth there's a story that the wife of the founder of Memphis, TN, was of local American Indian descent and told her husband a tribal story of persons of darker skin coming from accross the sea and dictated that the land where the city was to be built, would be called Memphis. So that's craziness number one. A really brief story of Ptah: apparently, he was the ultimate badass head honcho for the Memphis people, he created everything by what i think was through self-felatio (there was no one else he could have sex with right?). He created the universe out of love, a very strong self love. I could be full of crap and that this is a story of Atun, one of his creations, but stories are meant to be retold and reorganized to keep things interesting, so stay with me.

There's only a couple of things that i really wanted to compare the King with Ptah: 1) Ptah is always depicted with a high collar, later-year jumpsuit Elvis always incorporated a high collar into his suits. Elvis was an incredibly well read guy, he 'knew' (it's in quotes because some of it may have come from his own research and some of it may have been channeled into him by higher forces, which i'll get back to later) that the high collar was a status symbol reserved for royalty. The other is the staff which Ptah always held, here it is close to his mouth, much like Elvis' microphone. Ptah wore a skull cap however, compared to Elvis' hair...which could be talked about as well.

Brief note about the 'Aloha' jumpsuit: many think that it is the American eagle he has sequined onto the suit, however I believe that it is actually a depiction of the Phoenix, the mythological bird of fire and rebirth.

So from this, there now leads a few trails of thought i may take: more signs of Elvis as royalty, Elvis as a Pheonix, and more 'gods' he takes his image from...
but there must be a better way to explain all of this to people, more connections, but it might take years, Elvis the image, the myth, is sooooo huge, infinate connections and subtleties he places everywhere...he left behind so much for us to unravel to discover. much magic in his story his history for those who go searching. the question is, do i follow?
for now, be content that i am back to blogging i suppose. merry christmas, hanukkah, kwanza, or whatever it is you people do these days. enjoy yourselves.

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

a few of my favorite things

things that are currently nift: good beer, silly birthday cards from parents, scanners, snow, and being prophecized as becoming famous.

things that are definately not nift: homework, sore throats, and ... uh... homework, dear god i have a lot of it!

hopefully I don't get eaten.

here's a photo of me with long hair with my brother. we are two rad dudes. -rvXen

Saturday, November 25, 2006

It's good to buy beer...

ah, finally, it has come to pass. i am of that special age now and i'm feeling its wares....um...to celebrate here's an old photo of ..er.. someone not me back in his crazy crossdressing days. i think he was trying to do a heel-click in the sky and asking his friend to get a photo of it...but this is how it turned out. i like the finger in the photo, nice touch. anyways...merry birthday everyone!
My, my! Look at the Gams on that feller! Delish!

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

3 Days 12 hours 37 minutes to go...

Oh, it is so very soon, i can taste its musical roboty mechanical oil drippings, mmm...my scrumptous twenty-first birthday is on the horizon full speed stalwart soldiers don't forget to batton down the hatches. but we already battoned the hatches! Well batton them down again, we'll teach those hatches!

Here's the sitch: i feel like a tool, but a trendy tool my fellows and felines. i'm freaking sitting, more like jittering, oh coffee coffee coffee legs succulent caffeine spikes, in a coffee shop, updating my blog on my personal laptop. if i had a cell phone, or one of those rasberry blueberry computer phone things, a weird temporal vortex would open up because it could not handle the contradiction that I, Shane of Absurdum, Mockerer of the Norm's haircut, would be seen with such devices, acting so cool, so nift. Gorrilla tactics my freunds, Maguilla style. Grape Ape ain't got monkey shit on me.

mmmmmyep, i'll leave ya all for now with a delightful picture, don't ask how i came across it, i am a surfer a searcher unafraid of what may be discovered. Think birthday present mixed with Japanese latex fetishism with raggedy Anne and Andy grown up thrown up blown up to underground popstar fanaticism. her goggles are neat cuz they are functionless but fashionable. look at that neat padded room as well! it's like they took a picture of my dream house and now are using it to mock me and my boring plain unplastic room. hmph. and one can only speculate on how much happy fun could exist in that gas tank! Crazy Hospital Sloopy Keen Time Go!coffee is my wacky friend with its swift actions wandering thoughts and jumping gestures. it's good for those rare occasions when i want to go sane.

Amazing Tick Quote of the Day:
Arthur: "I think I'm going crazy!"
Tick: "Your not going crazy chum! You're going sane in a crazy world!"
see you when i'm legally drunk. O-Face.

Saturday, November 04, 2006

My 24 Hour Comic...Comic!

So i finally scanned all my pages to my 24 hour comic which i did on 24 hour comic day last month (hopefully the amount of "24 hour comics" i put on this page will snag me some google users!). It's entitled, "In Space No One Can Hear You Funk"...the title was inspired by my good friend and fellow traveller, Mr. Cummings & Goings. There are also many other influences including those of my boyos P-tek and Samlive...P-tek just had a unbelievably hip and orgasmically hop show at the picador where many fine stalwards(?) came out in support. I included P-tek and Samlive in my comic and likewise on that night they included us comic dogooders into their radio show! So here they are, G, P-tek the dark knight and Samlive the Red!

hiphop and comics need to go hand in hand more often i think...because i like saying things that show how unwithit i am...like G and word and homey...heh.
Anyways, this comic should be running soon on the xenex.org site and all will be good...however i might just put them up on my yahoo photos and you could see them there, i just have to decide whether or not i'm going to let you suffer through the daily uploads or if i'll give you it all in one juicy shot. but that might be too gooey.
for now, here's me in the fez i wore on that wonderful day/night of comic squirting. Ain't I handsome?
P.S. I'm no longer sick...just into that hacking up crud phase...in metaphorical terms i'm expelling the crap i've accumulated this year as i prepare myself for my birthday. Neat, huh?

Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Okay, Fine Goddamnit! I'm Sick! I'm Sick! *hack* *cough* *wheeze*

Say it isn't so! Your humble narrator, stricken to his room, coughing and shaking, as if he was but a mere mortal? What foul illness has befallen our hero of the many, champion of chivalry and crusader of platypi? Will these questions ever be answered or have we fallen into the land of Rhetorical utterings? Zounds, Egads, and Gadzooks dear reader! This is some intense shit!

ah, but not all is lost, not all is hopeless, there's still syrupy justice for the multitudes. For Rv. Xen has taken upon himself, admists this new-found time, to catch up on all things internety. He answers emails with more than three word sentences! He updates his blog to find gratifying messages from delicious pastries! It is such things that allow him to hold his sanity, rather than to float down Salvia-tion tunnels, guided by intergalactic deities and bushmen! Yes even a demi-god such as himself needs to feel loved.

But how do you love a perfect and benevolent being? Flowers and chocolates certainly won't do (most of the time), that's for sure Jack! No! Only undying souls and the occasional breakfast burrito of unabashed creative juices can satiate such a creature! HST was close with his 'Chocked full of True Grit' but the ameriKan public just wasn't ready...are they now? Is there enough life on earth to be worthy of his admiration, even when he is humbled by the common cold. Yes, even gods cough.

daddy, my teacher says everytime a god coughs, a star is born from his mucus.

but i have tarried on this site for too long, the denzians of this realm demand more doodles! And i must appease! i must! So here's something you can chew on for a while...this is going to be published in the new OnCampus magazine in iowa city...and i will be payed! That's right, mark your calendars and undwear kiddos, today you've read the words of a professional cartoonist! Hopefully my luck abounds and others see my hidden potential. "By Snod!" they will exclaim. "He's like a freaking Art Ninja Pirate!" heads will explode out of sheer amazement.

he's a creepy bar goer apparently.

okay, head is swimming...maybe i should reconsider my abstinance from food...

keep riding your unicorns, true decievers!